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Have you been wondering what the top retro games are? Despite the lack of Virtual Console, you could easily drop $1,000 or more on classic games on Switch thanks to Hamster's weekly Arcade Archives releases, Flying Tiger's Johnny Turbo-branded reissues and far too many others. I probably have somewhere between 200 - 300 physical games across a dozen consoles.

Give your mum or dad a PS4 controller and if they're anything like mine they'll spend half the time playing the game looking down, attempting in vain to remember where all the buttons are. Once you own one, you can plug in just about any classic console, from an Atari 2600 to a Nintendo GameCube.

Next gen consoles don't stop with Nintendo. You'll find all the retro games for SNES and Genesis you loved back in the day in one convenient spot. Graphically beautiful games such as Project X and Flashback were released, dark and sinister offerings such as Syndicate made their way into our homes and super playable arcade games like Rainbow Islands kept us addicted for weeks.

The digital artist Cory Arcangel takes machinima a step further, using old game cartridges to generate works such as Super Mario Clouds and Super Mario Movie, which finds Nintendo's mascot plumber in a metacrisis of existential angst. How to overclock your Raspberry Pi to get the best performance from it, allowing you to play a wider range of platforms, as well as games that your Pi might otherwise struggle with.

You'd think that it should be a pretty fundamental aspect of any product released to the market, but it's truly staggering how many games in 2016 ship broken, requiring either days or weeks of server tweaks to get the multiplayer working, or enormous day one patches bttf 3 game to fix all of the bugs that made it onto the disc.

In the mood to cause destruction on a massive scale, we climb into the cockpit and take on the world of Mech games, conduct our first-ever interview with Craig Bumbaugh of Wheeling & Dealing Industries to find out what it's like to be in the business of retro game sales, and Jeff hypes the Atari Jaguar at every opportunity.

In our own research , we asked 582 participants, mostly from the United States, to respond to a survey on how people think about certain gaming experiences.” Specifically, gamers were randomly assigned to write one of four essays: about past or recent video game experiences, playing either alone or with others.

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